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After School Program » Daily ASP Schedule

Daily ASP Schedule

Daily ASP Schedule


Our schedule for the 2015-2016 school year is divided based on the activities your child has decided to participate in. The Mainstream Schedule if for students who want to participate in an after school club or SUCCESS elective class. The Athletics/Performing Arts Schedule is for students who have tried out for one of our competitive teams and have been selected to participate on them. Both schedules support students academic and personal growth. 


Mainstream Schedule 2015-2016

2:29-2:55 Snack & Chill-Out

2:56-2.59 Passing Period

3:01-4:09 Period 1(Enrichments & Clubs)

4:10-4:14 Passing Period

4:15-5:45 Period 2 (Homework)

5:45-6:00 Dismissal Activities


Performing Arts & Athletics Schedule 2015-2016

2:28-2:59 Snack & Dress Out

3:00-4:35 Practice

4:36-4:40 Passing Period

4:40-5:45 Homework

5:45-6:00 Dismissal Activities 


Note: For the safety of students who need to walk home will be dismissed at 4:30 from Nov. 1st until February 16th. Students who ride the bus will need to be picked up from the bus door during this period as well because it is too dark to allow them to walk at 6:00.